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Neighborhood Trolls Stirring Up Trouble in Peak of Dibs Frenzy

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Whether you agree or disagree with Chicago parking dibs, there's no way around the fact that it's in full effect at the moment. When the city has been hit with 20+ inches of snow in a matter of days, Chicagoans can get pretty touchy about digging out their vehicles and saving that space for themselves. And considering that many of the city's side streets are just not being plowed enough certainly doesn't help out at all either. Similar to this time last year, tensions are running high throughout the city's neighborhoods, with some folks threatening property damage or perhaps even bodily harm. Despite where you stand in the whole dibs debate, it's probably not the smartest idea to take someone's spot and then leave them a nasty note in return. That's kind of just, you know, asking for it. Spot a passive aggressive or just plain aggressive note on your street? Send it on in.

This guy can't put a sentence together, but he knows all about dibs.

Not the most politically correct note, and not the kind of note you'd leave unless you're fine with someone messing with your car.

A Redditor spotted this jerk move.

Pretty self explanatory.

No one's throwing this dibs in the alley.

In case you didn't know, dibs are literally the devil.

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