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Kamin Takes Down Lucas Museum's 'Darth Invader Design' in Architectural Record

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In a new editorial for the Architectural Record, Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin takes on Michael Sorkin's recent defense of the proposed lakefront museum, saying supporters of the "needlessly massive intruder," still stuck on the "Bilbao effect" and object-making over public space, don't understand the character of the lakefront, and would ultimately be better served with the museum moving to a new location. In short, the "Darth Invader Design" needs to be rethought.

Kamin's critique of the location boils down to vision. The proposed site would cause congestion without adding additional parkland, all for a building that for the most part, doesn't actually allow people inside to see the lake. He champions an alternate site in Bronzeville west of Lake Shore Drive that would please open-space advocates and offer Rahm an out of the current crisis, but we'll see if the mayor is willing to reconsider.

Kamin also scoffs at the idea that this was an exercise in democratic design, pointing out that public hearings happened after site selection was announced and a committee member, Jeanne Gang, was hired to do the landscape design.

As we wait to hear how a judge rules on the city's request to dismiss the Friends of the Parks lawsuit over project, it looks like some key opinions are shifting against the museum project as it currently stands.

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