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Hartshorne Plunkard Renovation in Lincoln Park Asks $2.99M

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If you're going to completely gut rehab a home, you may as well do it right. And instead of hitting up the clearance section at Home Depot, this homeowner hired the architects at Hartshorne Plunkard (HPA) for their renovation. HPA, who has been busy working with South Street Capital on transforming Goose Island into a high tech hub has also done some superb residential projects, and this five bedroom home is a great example. Located near Old Town, the home was originally built in 1886 and really doesn't have very many (if any) of its original historic elements left. However, it's certainly contemporary done right. The home also includes a large landscaped side yard and a three car garage with a small green roof on top. This one can be had for $2.99 million.

·1841 North Orleans Street, Chicago, IL 60614 [Coldwell Banker]
·1841 North Orleans Street, Chicago, IL [Estately]