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The 10 Smallest Condos for Sale in Chicago Are All Under 500ft²

There are many perks to living in a large, open loft space in Chicago, but for those who aren't claustrophobic, living small can have some big benefits. Tiny studio condos can be found all throughout the city, although they may not be as plentiful as micro apartment units. And for those who don't have a lot of clutter, a small condo can be a great avenue to becoming a first time homebuyer, or might be an option for those who want to live in the best locations but do so on the cheap. There are some small spaces that can be purchased for less than what a new car would set you back, while others float a bit above the $150K mark. Nevertheless, all of these units are all under 500 square feet and none of these units come close to approaching $200,000. Want to walk to work in the Loop? You can do so for cheaper than you might think.

3600 N Lake Shore Drive #603
Size: 499 square feet
Price: $128,500
The skinny: At just under 500 square feet, this North Side studio space has recently been rehabbed. It's also on Lake Shore Drive and just a short walk to the lake. A unit in the same building that's slightly larger and updated recently scored a contract with a $120K ask.

1400 N Lake Shore Dr Unit 6Q
Size: 450 square feet
Price: $138,500
The skinny: Just because you're living small doesn't mean that you can't be stylish. This compact Gold Coast condo unit packs a lot of look, and for well under $150K, it won't break the bank.

182 W Lake Street #1104
Size: 450 square feet
Price: $150,000
The skinny: Located in the Art Deco Century Tower residential building in the Loop, this unit is actually large enough to fit a full sized bed along with some other furniture in it. Want to walk to work in the Loop but just need a place to crash? Well, you could always rent, but for $150K this place could be all yours.

1400 E 55th Place Unit 210S
Size: 450 square feet
Price: $67,400
The skinny: There aren't any interior shots, but the listing agent promises that this one is move in ready. Located near the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park, this is a unit that budget-tight students could actually afford.

201 E Delaware Place #1204
Size: 400 square feet
Price: $165,000
The skinny: This is an interesting one. Basically what you're buying here is a furnished hotel room at the Raffaello Hotel off the Mag Mile. At $165K with monthly HOA dues of $507, it's also the priciest unit on the list.

182 W Lake Street #410
Size: 427 square feet
Price: $145,000
The skinny: At 427 square feet, this unit is surprisingly on the larger end of the scale when it comes to tiny condos. And with a $145K ask, it's also one of the pricer units on this list. In addition to another condo on the list, this corner unit is also located in the Century Tower building in the Loop.

7337 S South Shore Drive #411
Size: 400 square feet
Price: $16,900
The skinny: Here's a studio unit that will cost you less than a new car. Located in the South Shore, this small condo is just one hundred bucks shy of $17K — or $42 per square foot. It's got nice lake views though.

8444 W Wilson Avenue Unit 212S
Size: 400 square feet
Price: $60,000
The skinny: This unit is located pretty far northwest, out by O'Hare. And although it's very close to the world's busiest airport, it's buffered by a long slim sketch of park and forest space. There's really not much to see here, and its asking price reflects this.

512 W Barry Avenue #409
Size: 400 square feet
Price: $157,500
The skinny: Described as a "*BELMONT HARBOR CUTIE*" (yes, with all-caps and asterisks) by its listing agent, this small condo is actually located very near Belmont Harbor. And unlike the other small listings currently for sale, this unit is actually a one bedroom, not a studio. Ok, so it's listed as a "junior" one bedroom as the bedroom walls don't actually meet the ceiling. However, a big plus is that it does have a washer and dryer in the unit.

1140 N LaSalle Street #721
Size: 210 square feet
Price: $89,500
The skinny: Here it is, the smallest unit for sale in Chicago right now. At a whopping 210 square feet, you'd be lucky to fit a twin sized bed in this unit. Located in the Gold Coast, the unit is near shopping, public transit and nightlife. In a previous life, the building served as a hotel. However, today it features some of the smallest (but also most affordable) units in downtown.
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