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Retro or Rehab: 8 Homes in Chicago's Historic Bungalow Belt

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Today, developers are churning out new apartments at a record setting pace, but a hundred years ago, developers were building thousands of small single family homes on the edge of the city. The city's population was exploding and the squat, one and a half story brick homes were cheap and easy for developers to build and for homeowners to purchase. Because so many of these homes were built with a similar size, architectural style and around the same time period, we have a name for where they are most commonly found: the bungalow belt. Even today, a completely rehabbed and updated bungalow is relatively affordable compared to single family homes in popular North Side neighborhoods. Generally there are dozens of these homes on the market at any given time, and some homes have been completely rehabbed while other have been totally untouched in decades. Some homes strike that perfect balance of blending updates in with the home's early-mid 20th century charm. Though they're not all exactly teeny tiny, for Micro Week Curbed pays homage to one of Chicago's most classic and iconic styles of home, the bungalow.

2616 N Mason Avenue
Size: 4 bed, 2 bath
Price: $305,000
The skinny: Located in Belmont Cragin, this old bungalow has been completely updated. And though everything is shiny and new, it's not at all flashy or over the top.

7911 W Fletcher Street
Size: 3 beds, 1.5 bath
Price: $173,500
The skinny: Here's a legit time capsule John Mills-developed bungalow for you. If you've got a collection of mid-century modern furniture and looking for a home to go along with it, this home should fit the bill. And at 925 square feet, it's certainly small for a single family home.

3455 N Nottingham Avenue
Size: 3 bed, 3 bath
Price: $380,000
The skinny: This old bungalow has been completely gut rehabbed. It also looks surprisingly spacious on the inside. Want that classic bungalow exterior with all brand new everything inside? This might be the one for you.

2939 N 74th Avenue
Size: 4 bed, 3 bath
Price: $199,900
The skinny: Here's another old bungalow built by developer John Mills, and it looks like it's been pretty much unchanged in decades — just check out that old kitchen. The listing mentions that it's been owned and occupied by the same family for the last 50 years. This one certainly needs a bit of work, but it's got some potential to be a cool retro home.

5839 W Cornelia Avenue
Size: 3 bed, 3 bath
Price: $399,000
The skinny: This Portage Park home is basically brand new inside. And although its footprint is small, it's more than enough living space with three bedrooms and three full bathrooms.

6153 South Mason Avenue
Size: 2 bed, 2 bath
Price: $229,900
The skinny: We're taking a trip down towards Midway for this one. This one has been updated quite a bit, but it still has that old school bungalow charm — just check out that living room and basement! There's also a pretty decent backyard to boot.

2624 West Coyle Avenue

Size: 3 bed, 2 bath
Price: $500,000
The skinny: This is just a really cool house and if we're talking bungalows, we've got to get this one in on the action. From the exterior, it looks like a regular old bungalow, but it's got some really cool surprises inside. Similar to the previous listing, the home has been rehabbed, but thankfully the owners kept this little home's old 1920s charm in tact. It's got a finished attic with some skylights, but that's not the best part. Head on down to the basement, and you're greeted by a small, but very cool vintage bar. The backyard and its fountains are equally awesome.

4107 North Lawler Avenue
Size: 3 bed, 3 bath
Price: $439,000
The skinny: This classic home is a good place to end our list. Though it's far from tiny, it's probably one of the coolest — if not the coolest — home currently for sale in the city's historic bungalow belt. According to the listing, the home is a Driehaus Award winner from the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association. The home has clearly been rehabbed, but boy is it a stunner. Outside is a large yard with a lovely garden and sitting area.
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