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MCA Makeover To Include New Gallery, Restaurant and Logo

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After the record-setting Bowie exhibit showcased the career of the shape-shifting rock star, the Museum of Contemporary Art is planning its own ch-ch-ch-changes. This morning, the museum announced a series of key updates and renovations, including a new restaurant, gallery and logo. It's all part of the institution's Vision Campaign, which has now raised $60 million toward its $64 million goal. The museum also announced that the fourth-floor galleries will be renamed The Griffin Galleries of Contemporary Art after Citadel hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin, a long-time trustee who donated $10 million to the cause. Griffin has no passing interest in art; pieces from his collection are often on loan to the museum, and he spent $46.4 million on a 10-foot-tall Gerhard Richter painting.

In addition to the new gallery, focused on contemporary and interactive art, the expansion plans include a new street-level restaurant on the north side of the building, currently aiming for a spring 2016 opening.

The MCA is looking outside Chicago for both the buildout and branding. L.A.-based architectural firm Johnston Marklee, charged with "re-imagining the museum" and creating a master plan, will also oversee the restaurant project. Dutch Design firm Mevis & Van Deursen will oversee the graphic and logo update. Hopefully it'll go smoother than the one at the Whitney.

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