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Citadel Boss Ken Griffin Unloads Mag Mile Condo for $1.3M

After only a few short months, billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin has sold his three bedroom, three bathroom Mag Mile condo. The Citadel boss listed the unit last November for $1.4 million
and sold it a week ago for $1.325 million, the Tribune reports. While there's no listing photos floating around out on the public MLS, what we do know about the unit is... well, not a whole lot actually. However, there is a floor plan of the unit. According to the Tribune's Bob Goldsborough, Griffin hardly used the condo in the Four Seasons building. Considering that Illinois' richest man dropped $13.3 million for the entire 37th floor of the Waldorf Astoria building last summer, it's easy to understand why the smaller space went unoccupied.

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