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Hidden Within This Suburban Mansion is the Ultimate Car Lover's Garage

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Car collecting is a very expensive hobby, and those who are serious about it need plenty of space to stash their prized possessions. There's a couple of sweet hidden garages in the city, but this 15+ car garage way out in suburban Inverness may take the cake. The home itself? Quite large at 10,000 square feet. It also kind of sort of has an old world Europe meets aughts era McMansion craze vibe with its sloping slate roof and its custom stone and millwork on the interior. But once you hit the basement, it's all Americana baby. There's an old fashioned kitchen and bar, a jukebox and pool table. But wait, that's not all! Once you step into the garage, you've transcended into a space that only motorheads and speed freaks can appreciate. It can be all yours for just $1.595 million.

·217 North Haman Road, Inverness, IL [Estately]