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Tower Block Has Its Eyes Set on Broadway and Sheridan

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A plan to bring a mixed-use development to the 3800 North block of Broadway would add an 80-foot tall tower to the corner of Broadway and Sheridan Road, all while preserving a classic architectural design. A key part of developer David Gassman's plan, showcased in a new rendering, includes maintaining the famous terra cotta eagles of the Isaac G. Ettleson building, which stretch wingtip-to-wingtip around the facade and earned the 1911 structure the nickname the "Eagles Building." According to DNAinfo, the project will bring 93 residential units set back from the street-level stores, 93 underground parking spots, office space and retailers.

Just a few blocks south of the Uptown border, the project, estimated to cost over $10 million, fits in well with a series of developments occuring in the area, including the potential Pensacola Place rehab and new commercial space near the Aragon. It's a departure from earlier plans for the corner that would have set another story atop the Ettleson building without building the taller residential development next door. The next step for the developer is obtaining zoning changes at a meeting on March 9.

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