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Preservationists Offer Hail Mary Plan for Edwards House in Downers Grove

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A stately Queen Anne Victorian in Downers Grove is currently facing demolition, but residents of the western suburb are fighting tooth and nail to save the 19th century home. The Edwards House at 942 Maple Ave. has previously been described by preservation architect Douglas Gilbert as one built in "high style" and one that has a lot of "integrity," as it has received no major alterations throughout the decades. Last year residents lobbied for the creation of a historic district that would protect the home, however time is quickly running out according to preservationists.

According to a release from the preservation group leading the charge, a new condominium development is slated for the site, and is anticipated to break ground soon. Meanwhile, preservationists are hoping to move the home similar to the historic Rees House in the South Loop and the Van Bergen House in the North Shore. One nearby resident has offered a plot of land to act as a permanent resting place for the home if it can be moved. However, homeowners between the Edwards House and its potential temporary location are worried about damage to their property and are fighting back against the preservationist's plan to move the home.

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