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$10M Keck & Keck Home Still Searching For Buyer Years Later

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Waiting is the hardest part, but for this Keck & Keck gem sitting on 27 prime acres of Lake Bluff real estate, the search for a buyer has become a struggle after nearly 1,500 days without a buyer (1,422 to be exact, but what's a few more months after more than four years?). The five-bedroom, 7,550-square-foot Blair House, built in 1955, has a hefty $10M ask, but for the right buyer, it might be worth it to live in a home designed by a local icon of the International Style. Wrapped in glass walls that nearly stretch two stories, this boxy Keck creation exemplifies the work of a designer who pushed the idea of passive solar houses before it was a buzzword. Plus, the secluded North Shore enclave sits almost smack dab between the lake and Crab Tree Farm, filled with buildings designed by Solon Spencer Beman, architect of Pullman. That's quite a lot of gorgeous scenery to ponder, scotch in hand, in front of the fireplace. In 1957 the Architectural Record called it "a residence of exceptional distinction," and while preservationists have battled to keep it from the wrecking ball, they've yet to win the fight for landmark status.

We've previously seen Keck homes go for half a million, and this wild $1.3M Highland Park property with an open-air pool and retractable roof certainly made us take notice. It'll certainly take a special buyer to pick up this piece of Modernist history.

·925 Sheridan Rd, Lake Bluff [Redfin]
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