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Demolition Underway at Corner of Belmont and Clark

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Demolition has begun at the northwest corner of Belmont and Clark where a mixed use building is expected to soon begin construction. The new building was first proposed back in 2013, but underwent a series of design modifications and downsizing during community negotiations last year. The current plan calls for an eight story building with 90 apartments, 39 parking spaces and two floors of retail wrapping the street edges of the building. While the density was reduced down from a unit count of 116, the number of parking spaces plummeted from 100, giving this project a greater focus toward its transit-oriented location. The site is one block to the east of the CTA's Belmont station serving the Red, Brown and Purple Lines and is adjacent to the 22 and 77 bus routes on Clark and Belmont respectively. The Dunkin Donuts at the corner remains open as of this week, but all other buildings on the site have been vacated and the two story structure at 3220-22 North Clark which housed the Architectural Revolution store has been reduced to just a facade.

Shawn Ursini
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