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Vintage Airline Travel Posters That Lured Tourists to Chicago

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When there's not 20 inches of snow on the ground, Chicago is actually a very nice city to visit. And as we make our way into 2015, the city has high hopes for this year's tourism season. Over the last couple of years, Chicago's hospitality industry has been smashing all sorts of records, and the city's continued hotel boom is just another affirmation that there are plenty more visitors still to come. Just last week Chicago's official tourism arm Choose Chicago unveiled its new marketing campaign called Epic Chicago and announced that the city witnessed a record number of tourists last year. Despite one's own interpretation of what "epic" constitutes, one thing that many industry experts seem to agree on is that Chicago tourism is likely to continue its streak of breaking its record for number of tourists and hotel stays yet again this year. However, long before the internet and blogs were a thing, airlines promoted travel to other cities through the use of colorful and eye-catching posters. Here's a look back at some of the most classic posters that likely planted the Chicago travel bug in quite a few tourists from decades past.

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