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City Says Parking Dibs Are Officially Donezo This Friday

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If you're using your favorite piece of lawn furniture to claim dibs on a street parking space, you'd better find a new home for it before Friday rolls around. The city is officially calling an end to this season's parking dibs and will begin to collect items left out on the streets this Friday, DNAinfo reports. Residents who are tired of their neighbor's chronic dibs-ing on their block can also call 311 to report street obstructions. For a while it seemed like the city was going to breeze through a mild winter without witnessing any dibs battles, however the record setting snowstorm changed all of that. For some residents, dibs caused tensions to run high on their block, while others kicked back with their parking dibs bingo card and watched the mayhem unfold.
To commemorate the official end of dibs 2015, we leave you with this tune.

DIBS IS OVER from ryan wukovits on Vimeo.

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