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Micro Week is Coming: Show Curbed Your Tiny Homes!

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Chicago may be known as the Windy City and the City of Big Shoulders, but that doesn't mean that everyone in the Second City lives large. Many folks in Chicago live in micro-apartments, studios or vintage worker cottages and have embraced the lifestyle of living small. For the first time ever, the Curbed Network will be dedicating a week to all things tiny living with Micro Week. Ever wonder how folks manage to live in a 300 square foot apartment? Do you have an interesting story about a tiny living situation? We're all ears and want to share your story on Curbed Chicago. Or perhaps you want to have your tiny space featured on Curbed's new House Calls series? Shoot us an email with a few photos and a brief message. Micro Week begins soon, so if you've got a tiny tale to tell, head on over to the tip line.