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Little, Hip Humboldt Park House Takes a Big Price Cut

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This rehabbed single family home in Humboldt Park entered the market a few months ago with a $329,000 price tag, but it can now be had for well below the $300K mark. The pint-sized three bedroom, one bathroom house has taken its first (and perhaps last) price cut and is now asking $286,700 — or roughly 13% less than its original ask. The house was picked up this past April for only $120,000. The developer obviously invested some cash and elbow grease in the house, and was initially looking to nearly triple his money. However, the hip little house is just looking for an owner at this point, and its new asking price may finally tempt someone to open their wallet. It's certainly no McMansion, but it's certainly not a bad price for a freshly rehab single family home. A condo of the same size and finish located just north in Logan Square or east in West Town would certainly be asking considerably more. What do you think? Is this a good buy or a good bye?

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