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Google's Super Fast Fiber Network May Be Coming to Chicago

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Hold on to your butts Chicago web surfers and internetters — Google may bring its super fast Fiber network to the Windy City. Currently, only three cities (Austin, Provo and Kansas City) have Google's 1,000 Mbps internet speeds, but the giant tech conglomerate is ready to launch Fiber in six more cities. However, Google has just announced that it is exploring the possibility of bringing its internet service to several more cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago.

According to the announcement, Google says that bringing its service to major cities like LA and Chicago would be tremendous undertakings:

From Venice Beach to Wrigley Field, we'll study the different factors that would affect construction — like city infrastructure and topography —and use that information to help us prepare to build a local fiber network. While we can't guarantee that we'll be able to bring Fiber to Chicago and LA, this is a big step for these cities and their leaders. Planning for a project of this size is a huge undertaking, but we'll be sure to keep residents updated along the way. The announcement comes just days after Google opened its new office in the former Fulton Market Cold Storage building. If the company does move forward with its plan, it could change the way that Chicagoans surf and put some serious pressure on existing cable and internet providers.

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