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Get This Squeaky Clean One Bedroom Near DePaul for $299K

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Well, here's something you don't see everyday — a rehabbed two one bedroom just a few blocks from DePaul for under $300,000. The listing is hot off the MLS presses so no broker notes in the listing just yet, which means there's no block of all-caps text and exclamation points. But that also means that we have to figure out what we're looking at by gleaning the stats and studying the photos provided. While it doesn't specifically mention that the unit is a recent rehab, it's a pretty safe bet that it is. It's certainly not the most spacious condo in Lincoln Park, but it does have some interesting features. For one, the kitchen, while pint-sized, packs a punch with its appliances. Also, another thing worth noting is that unit is heated by radiators but features a ductless air conditioning system. The renovation isn't your super high-end stuff, but the kitchen and air system certainly weren't cheap either. This one can be had for $299,000.

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