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River North's Ed Debevic's Restaurant Now a Pile of Rubble

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If you didn't use your last chance to say farewell to the famed Ed Debevic's restaurant in River North, it's now too late. Demolition continues on the restaurant and surrounding parking lot to make room for a new 22-story residential tower. One Redditor swung by the site and snapped this photo which shows the restaurant in its final moments. The new HPA-designed tower taking the restaurant's place will feature 251 rental units, 117 parking spaces and 12,000 square feet of ground floor retail space. Ed Debevic's isn't the only piece of River North kitsch that has bitten the dust. The old Howard Johnson Inn was demolished earlier this year while the former Planet Hollywood/Gino's East building with giant pizza slices adorning the facade is also being demolished to make room for a new tower.
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