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Will These Frank Lloyd Wright Houses Find a Buyer in 2016?

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This year was another big one for the world of Frank Lloyd Wright real estate in the Chicago area. A number of Wright houses listed this year, and a handful even sold. Perhaps the most notable sale was of the George Madison Millard House in Highland Park, which spent four years on the market. The house's owners even had a demolition permit in hand, but fortunately, a buyer stepped up to the plate to ensure that the house would not face the wrecking ball. However, many other Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses in the Chicago area share a similar narrative. While architecture lovers may say that they dream of living in one of FLW's Prairie School gems, they can go months, and often times, even years before finding a buyer. Here are three notable Wright houses that are seeking a buyer. Will they finally find new owners in the new year?

William Winslow House (515 Auvergne Place, River Forest, IL)
Current asking price: $1.55 million
First listed: December 16, 2013
The skinny: FLW's Winslow House in River Forest is gorgeous inside and out, so why has it been on the market for so long? When it first came online in December 2013, the house was asking $2.4 million — almost a million dollars more than what it is currently seeking. In addition to its steep price tag, taxes on the house last year were a whopping $50,000. This house would certainly benefit by finding a preservation-minded buyer. Because of its condition and appearance, it'd even be a great candidate for becoming a museum or bed and breakfast.

Isidore Heller House 5132 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL
Current asking price: $2.425 million
First listed: January 10, 2012
The skinny: The Isidore Heller House in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood is one of the larger Wright homes in the area. Built in 1896, the house showcases Wright's knack for straight lines and earthy tones. However, unlike the Winslow House which has taken a considerable price cut since it first listed, the Heller House has not entertained the idea of a major drop in price. Since it listed four years ago, the ask has only been cut by $75,000.

J. Kibben Ingalls House (562 Keystone Avenue, River Forest, IL)
Current asking price: $1.325 million
First listed: March 24, 2015
The skinny: It's been a number of decades since this Wright house has been on the market, and the delightfully retro listing photos give a look back to how the house looked when it last sold. The house, built in 1909, has been on the market for most of this year but has not taken a single price cut. ·Frank Lloyd Wright's Winslow House Returns With Price Bump [Curbed Chicago]
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