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This is the Only Two Bedroom Loft in the West Loop for $300K

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If you're looking for a two bedroom condo for $300,000 or less in the West Loop at the moment, then here's your lone option. There's a whole slew of one bedroom, one bathroom units, but there's only one listing on the market at the moment for a two bedroom. It's nothing terribly surprising or particularly special, but for the price, you could do worse. It's got all of the usual makings for a West Loop loft: tall ceilings, exposed brick walls, timber ceilings, etc. However, if you're looking for a parking space, that'll cost you extra. More listings will come online in the next couple of months, but if you're looking to buy right now, your options will be limited.

·1500 W Monroe St #427 Chicago, IL 60607 [Redfin]
·Under $300K Club archives [Curbed Chicago]