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Bonkers 20,000ft² Burling Street Mansion Sells for $13.345M

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After spending a year and a half on the market, what was once Chicago's priciest listing has officially sold for $13.345 million. The massive mansion at 1955 N. Burling Street in the Lincoln Park neighborhood first entered the market in June 2014, making waves when it officially listed on the MLS with an $18.75 million price tag. As the months went by and properties either sold or unlisted, the mansion held the top for priciest listing in the state for a few months earlier this year. In July, the mansion went under contract and its time at the top appeared to be coming to an end. However, it eventually returned to the market and even took a price chop that brought the ask down to $16.9 million. Even with selling for nearly five and a half million dollars below its initial asking price, this week's sale marks the second most expensive of 2015. Who took the top spot? George Lucas and Melody Hobson's 65th floor Park Tower purchase of $18.75 million.

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