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Updated Lincoln Park Two Bedroom Near Lake Seeks $375K

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If you just happen to be looking for a house in Chicago at the moment, you may have noticed that the flow of new listings has slowed to a trickle. To put it simply, there's just not a lot of new and exciting stuff to look at right now. While it's nothing terribly special or overwhelming, here is a practical two bedroom, one and a half bath unit on Fullerton not far from the lake. The unit has been totally updated with pretty much everything that is fashionable at the moment: dark hardwood floors, colored tile backsplash, etc. It sold earlier this year for $285,000 but has returned to market, this time asking $375,000. It's in a mid-century modernist highrise so prepare to shell out an extra $814 per month for assessments.

·444 W Fullerton Pkwy #1608 Chicago, IL 60614 [Redfin]