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Curbed Cup 2015 Finals: The Loop (16) vs. Pullman (10)

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And now, the time has come to meet your two 2015 Curbed Cup finalists: The Loop and Pullman. The once sleepy Loop has awoken and has blazed a new trail. The downtown area has long been known for its bustling commercial district but in recent years, it has gained a new reputation as a residential area as well. Make no mistake about it, the Loop is a Chicago neighborhood. There's no other neighborhood that can keep up with the number of new residences that are on their way to the Loop. However, the Pullman neighborhood on the city's far south side has had a huge year. Its historic district has become the first national monument in Chicago and there's even growing support for a full blown national park campus. Pullman also welcomed the first new factory to open on Chicago's south side in three decades. The colorful factory is not only generating much needed revenue for the neighborhood, but it has also set a very high bar for other companies when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

It's been quite a year for the City of Chicago and its 77 community areas. It's now time to crown a 2015 Curbed Cup winner. 2015 will be a year that both Loop and Pullman residents will remember for years to come. The poll for this match will close Thursday night, as midnight hits and the new year begins.

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