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It's Time to Nominate Your Neighborhood for Curbed Cup 2015

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Well ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again. What time are we referring to you may ask? It's time for the Curbed Cup, an annual competition in which Chicago neighborhoods face one another in an online battle to earn the title as the very best in the Windy City.

But before we kick off this year's competition, we need to hear from you first. Which neighborhoods deserve a spot on the bracket for Curbed Cup 2015? Similar to the last few editions, this year's competition will feature 16 neighborhoods, but only one can win. To nominate the neighborhood(s) that you'd like to see in this year's Curbed Cup, drop us a line or a message in the comments section below. And be sure to tell us why your neighborhood is worthy of a spot on the bracket. Last year's Curbed Cup saw several fierce battles, and this year is certainly going to be another one for the record books.

Here's the list of past winners:

2014: Logan Square
2013: Chinatown
2012: Avondale
2011: Uptown
2010: Uptown

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