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Magazine-Quality Lakeview Penthouse Rehab Seeks $1.549M

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Here's a spacious five bedroom, three bathroom condo just steps from the lakefront that has received numerous updates. According to the listing, the 3,600-square-foot penthouse unit has an all new kitchen, new bathrooms and some aesthetic updates to the foyer area. The space is also loaded up with windows and gets heaps of natural light. The listing agent calls the unit "Architectural Digest worthy," and indeed, the place does look very slick and very much in line with what is stylish right now. In addition to all of the space inside the actual unit itself, the place comes with the rights to the rooftop. There's no deck up there yet, but the somewhat comical renderings give us an idea of what could eventually built on the roof. The place has just hit the market this week with an asking price of $1.549 million.

·443 West Aldine Avenue Unit 4, Chicago, IL [Estately]