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Curbed Cup Final Four: Uptown (3) vs Pullman (10)

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Get your clicking fingers ready because we've now approached the second to last round of voting in this year's Curbed Cup. After two rounds of voting, Uptown and Pullman will face off to determine which neighborhood will face The Loop in the finals. Uptown has always had a strong game when it comes to Curbed Cup voting. The neighborhood won the first two Cups and made a strong showing last year making it to the third round of voting. However, the Pullman District isn't going to just roll over. Pullman has defeated the West Loop and last year's second place Bridgeport neighborhood. The far South Side neighborhood has had a very big year and a Curbed Cup win could be the cherry on top. Voting will last for 24 hours at which a winner will be determined. Good luck to both 'hoods and may the best win!

Poll results

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