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Curbed Cup Round 2 Results: The Final Four 'Hoods Revealed!

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After two rounds of voting for the prestigious Curbed Cup, only four neighborhoods remain in the contest. While these four 'hoods have advanced to this point, only one will be crowned as neighborhood of the year. The Loop has had a strong showing this year, defeating last year's winner Logan Square and the ever-popular Edgewater/Andersonville area. The Loop will now face Lakeview, an area that has a proud residential base. Far north neighborhood Uptown has also made it to the Final Four, which was not a shocker considering how well Uptown has done in past Curbed Cup contests. However, Uptown better double down and prepare for a fierce challenge from the Pullman District. Pullman has been on a streak and its residents appear determined to take this all the way. Stay tuned for more Curbed Cup action next week!
·Curbed Cup 2015 archives [Curbed Chicago]