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One More Milwaukee Avenue TOD is Ready to Break Ground

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A bleak stretch of Milwaukee Avenue near the Chicago Blue Line station is about to get a big upgrade. The transit-oriented development planned for 830 N. Milwaukee Avenue has just received the official paperwork to go ahead with foundation and underground utility work. Designed by bKL Architecture, the project includes 47 rental units, 24 parking spaces and 3,000 square feet of ground floor retail space. The site is a tricky one for the projects developers and designers as it sits at the junction of two major roads and is exposed to vehicle congestion and the light pollution that comes from this traffic. In order to reduce the amount of unwanted light and noise, the building's facade features a sawtooth-shaped design so that the residential units' windows aren't parallel with either Milwaukee or Elston avenues. The building joins several other TOD projects that were proposed last year and have moved far enough through the development process to break ground.

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