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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: East Village (11) vs. Uptown (3)

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Welcome to the second round of the Curbed Cup. This week, eight neighborhoods will face off, but only four will advance. Voting for each pairing ends 24 hours after it begins. Let the eliminations commence!

We return yet again with another match in this year's Curbed Cup competition. This time, the East Village/Noble Square 'hoods will be tag-teaming against North Side goliath Uptown. As expected, Uptown easily squashed Lincoln Park, their first round competition, to advance. While some commenters gathered in the comment section to put down Uptown, the residents of the far north neighborhood were mobilizing elsewhere on the internet to get out the vote. This of course doesn't mean that East Village and Noble Square will just roll over for Uptown. The West Town pocket neighborhoods received numerous nominations for the competition and the duo defeated the popular South Loop in the first round. Will the West Town pocket 'hoods upset Uptown and advance to the Final Four? You'll be the ones to decide.

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