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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: Hyde Park (12) vs. Lakeview (4)

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While located on opposite sides of the city, Hyde Park and Lakeview have many common traits. Both neighborhoods boast a large inventory of historic mansions, both are located along the lakefront and both have made it to the Elite Eight for this year's Curbed Cup. Hyde Park narrowly defeated Streeterville to advance to the second round while Lakeview breezed past the Gold Coast/Old Town. This match represents a competition between north and south, Cubbies versus the White Sox, and booze versus books. Both neighborhoods are dynamic and are undergoing some pretty major changes in the form of construction projects. The Cubs organization continues its renovation of Wrigley Field and the surrounding properties while the University of Chicago is bringing a pair of new dorm buildings designed by Studio Gang to Hyde Park. The South Side institution was instrumental in bringing the Obama Presidential Center to Chicago.

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