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White-on-White House Right Next to 606 Trail Wants $1.395M

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There has been a lot of discussion about the "all white everything" decor trend this year. It just seems like something you can't escape when perusing design blogs and house listings. This three bedroom, two and a half bathroom Bucktown house is very representative of the white-on-white trend as its exterior, and much of the interior, is free of pigment. It's got a very stoic, almost fortress-like look on the outside, but once inside, it's got a natural light-filled, almost airy vibe to it. One thing worth noting is its location next to the 606 trail — it's literally butted right up against the new pedestrian/cycling trail. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to potential buyers. However, if you are into people watching (and people watching you), there are plenty of spaces, including the home's green roof, to catch passersby. This house sold for $1.23 million back in August of 2007, but has just returned to the market asking $1.395 million.

·1800 N Wolcott Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 [Redfin]