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Maryville Redevelopment Proposal Earns Community Support

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After many years in the making, it appears that the major residential and retail proposal for the shuttered Cuneo Memorial Hospital/Maryville Academy site in Uptown will be moving forward. There have been a number of stops and false starts over the last 15 months, but according to Alderman James Cappleman, the Montrose and Clarendon project has officially received the support of the 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee — a group comprised of neighborhood businesses and nonprofit organizations that oversees proposals in the Uptown area. The proposal from JDL Development had resurfaced last month with some changes, notably the unit count and the request for Tax Increment Financing (TIF) dollars.

The final iteration of the proposal calls for 381 total apartments, 289 parking spaces and 37,371 square feet of retail space. JDL is also asking for $15.8 million in TIF dollars. However, in his statement, Alderman Cappleman has indicated that JDL will be required to front $4.6 million for the redevelopment of the Clarendon Park Community Center and also provide an additional $5.7 million to the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund. The alderman has also announced that his office has approached the Chicago Cubs organization about partnering with the Chicago Park District to create a baseball academy at Clarendon Park.

With aldermanic and community support, the proposal will head to the Chicago Plan Commission, where it is likely to pass with flying colors. Despite the years that it took for this project to move forward, it appears that it won't be stalling out anytime soon.

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