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Curbed Cup Round 1 Results: Logan Square Defeated, Pullman Looking Strong

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With the first week of voting now closed, we present to you the eight remaining neighborhoods vying for the prestigious Curbed Cup. In an early upset, The Loop defeated last year's winning neighborhood, Logan Square. Pilsen, another buzzy neighborhood, was also knocked out in the first round. The popular South Loop area couldn't gain enough momentum and was narrowly defeated by the residents of East Village and Noble Square. However, the biggest victory went to the Pullman neighborhood, which defeated the West Loop 573 votes to 331. Last year's second place winner, Bridgeport, continues to look strong as it defeated Avondale to advance to the second round of voting. The contest to keep an eye on for next week will be the match between Bridgeport and Pullman, as the two have South Side anchors have exceeded most other 'hoods in rallying their residents in hitting the Curbed Cup polls. Pullman has already had a year to remember, but will this be the year that Pullman takes the Curbed Cup?
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