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Solar Power Has Record Year With Chicago Property Owners

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Chicago's commitment to green technology and sustainability is paying off as the city appears to be in the midst of a solar-power renaissance. According to data compiled by development and construction permit database site Chicago Cityscape, the Windy City is witnessing twice as many new solar energy installations in 2015 compared to last year — an impressive five-fold increase over the number of new solar sites added in 2009.

The location and description of each solar installation can found on this nifty interactive map. While many rooftop photovoltaic panels go unnoticed at street level, the map shows that they can be found all across Chicago, from Rogers Park to Pullman, but with a higher concentration on the city's north side. The permit data also reveals that solar energy is popular among single-family homes, multi-unit residential, commercial, and institutional buildings alike. Many rehabbed structures are taking the opportunity to add panels while a growing number of new constructions are being designed with solar energy specifically in mind.

Find solar sites in your area and see how green your neighborhood is compared to others. While you're at it, be sure to also check out the City's Solar Portal website [link] to learn about the clerical assistance and financial incentives that are available to help bring rooftop photovoltaics to your Chicago home or business.

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