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New Path Opens as Fullerton Revetment Work Continues

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Taking full advantage of this week's unseasonably warm yet foggy weather, both construction crews and residents were spotted along a newly-completed stretch of the Chicago Lakefront Trail at Fullerton Avenue — an area that was, until recently, part of Lake Michigan. The new trail is just one aspect of the new Fullerton Revetment, a $31.5 million Army Corps of Engineers-funded project tasked with stabilizing the crumbling shoreline infrastructure, restoring a collapsed beach cell, and creating 5.8 acres of new Chicago Park District open space.

An official groundbreaking ceremony for the Fullerton Revetment occurred in October though construction has been well underway since the spring. Barge-mounted cranes and pile-drivers have worked nearly continuously to build the new shoreline's foundation — pausing only to lower their booms out of the flight paths of any wayward Blue Angel F-18s during August's Air and Water Show. With landfill construction and beach restoration complete, heavy equipment has been withdrawn and work has shifted over to landscaping and improvements to the Lakefront Trail.

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