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Broad-Shouldered Brick Mansion on Bissell Street Seeks $1.7M

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Lincoln Park has a serious issue with tearing down historic homes to make way for bigger, newer mansions. It's basically gotten to the point where it's just not a shocker to hear about a company head building a multimillion dollar mega-mansion in the neighborhood that is taking up multiple city lots. But perhaps, to some, the neighborhood's inventory of historic homes is actually worth saving. And maybe this mansion was only spared because, well, it's a mansion and it fits in with the neighborhood's streetscape of opulence and luxury. And it is indeed a beautiful old mansion. Much of the home's original architectural features have been preserved and restored as a part of the mansion's big renovation. The hand carved stairway ornamentation is particularly worth noting. But will someone drop $1.7 million on the house just to tear it down and replace it with another mega-mansion? It wouldn't even be a surprise if that were to happen.

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