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Defunct Swerp Mansion DIY Venue Space Now Up for Rent

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Chicago is legendary for its comedy, theater and live music scene, but under the surface of the glossy downtown circuit lies a scene of gritty independent venues throughout the city's neighborhoods. Over the years, many of the pop-up venues, like The Mopery in Logan Square, have come and gone but others emerge to take their place. One of those spots was a raw loft space in Humboldt Park known as Swerp Mansion. The loft was used for live music and was the home of a small DIY record label, but like many other independent show spaces, Swerp was often visited by police due to noise complaints. The space has surfaced on Craigslist and can be rented for $2,500 per month. There's no telling if the place still reeks of sweat, but the space has been cleaned up and is ready for a new lease.
·$2500 / 4br - 5500ft2 - Great Live Work Studio Space (3950 W. Grand Ave) [Craigslist]
·Estate of the Arts archives [Curbed Chicago]