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Jeanne Gang Talks Police Stations at Architecture Biennial

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The inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB), as North America's largest international survey, aims to show the most interesting happenings in contemporary architecture and place making. And the people who make it happen, like Jeanne Gang.

"Architecture is such a great reflection of what culture is doing," says Gang, founding Principal of world-renowned architecture firm Studio Gang. Most people would know the work she's been responsible for, including the Wanda Vista Tower, the billion dollar statuesque structure that will stand 1100 feet and about 95 stories tall. Its three towers of47, 71 and 93 stories, with undulating waves of glass in six shades of blue-green Solarban, and one shade of gray Solarcool. When its built in 2020, it will be the third tallest building in Chicago, and the tallest structure in the world designed by a woman.

So, yes, while she may be most known for Lakeshore East's Aqua and Vista Tower, but her experience spans a broad field. Her classes at Harvard University Graduate School of Design taught her that "Insights are to be gleaned from looking at society from its margins, where fresh perspectives on the center can be gained."

At the Chicago Architecture Biennial, she's also talking about the Polis Station project, which reimagines the police station to build a more just and trusting relationship between citizens and police. What physical and place changes can happen to make stronger connections between law enforcement community? In light of ongoing contentious issues in this arena, it's an important question with mortal consequences. The Tribune reported that the 10th Police District on the West Side has tracked more than 360 violent crimes from about August 13 to November 13, becoming the seventh-most violent of Chicago's 22 police districts.

And the fact that Gang wants to address these issues through architecture and urban planning is what makes her such an important figure. While she spoke about it in depth at a panel on November 17, you can learn more in our interview with Jeanne on the projecthere.

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