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Rehabbed Brick Two-Flat in Albany Park Seeks $460,000

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Photos: VHT Studios

How much would you pay for a rehabbed condo in a vintage building? Would it be in the $300,000 range? Maybe the $400,000 range? Here's an old brick two-flat in Albany Park that has been completely rehabbed and has hit the market asking $460,000. The renovation job is nothing mind-blowing, but the place is clean and non offensive. Everything is pretty much on-trend as far as finishes go: cool colors, colored tile backsplash, dark stained hardwood floors, quartz countertops, and so forth. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the building doesn't have a backyard space. However, there is a park just a couple doors down. What would you pay for a place like this? Do you think it's priced right?

·3735 W Eastwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625 [Roman Realty Group]
·Albany Park archives [Curbed Chicago]