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Get a Clean, Classic Edgewater One Bedroom for Just $175K

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Head on way up to the far north, and you'll find a vast inventory of vintage condos for affordable prices. Here's a very classic (and clean) one bedroom, one bathroom unit in Edgewater that has just hit the market asking $175,000. Newer condos have a lot of modern conveniences, but many don't have formal dining rooms. This one has a formal dining room, a spacious living room with an original brick fireplace and a little sun room that can also double as a home office space. There's actually a nice amount of space for being a one bedroom, and there's also a dedicated space for laundry. The $242/month assessment isn't a killer either.

·5944 N Glenwood Ave Unit 2S Chicago, IL 60660 [Redfin]
·Under $200K Club archives [Curbed Chicago]