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Bust Out the Holly: The CTA's Santa Train is Coming to Town

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It's that time again. Depending on how you see things, you're either thinking of the weekend, or the holidays. And if you're the Chicago Transit Authority (aka CTA), you're thinking of both. The annual Holiday Train will come barreling through the city in its 22nd run. And it's all dressed up for the occasion with lights and special guest Santa Claus.

If you like to see interiors of cars decorated like candy canes with lights and bows that are accompanied by elf sightings, then you should try to catch the six-car train (and the 60-foot bus), which will start tomorrow on the Red Line. Service will be included on the other lines through December 23 as part of regular rail service. Normal fares apply.

And the business world has gotten into the act: Sprint is sponsoring the celebration with $300,000 to cover operational costs for the train and bus and to add an extra day of service for the holiday train. So that't the Sprint-CTA Holiday Train to you, buddy.

If you're turned off by the idea of a business sponsorship, then at least know that it's for a good cause. The CTA supports Chicago communities by donating time and money to purchase groceries and assemble about 300 food baskets for community organizations across the city. The Holiday Train delivers these food baskets on three separate days over the holiday season.

The train generally works from 1pm to 8pm on weekends, and 3pm to 7pm on certain weekdays. Here's the schedule. Get ready with normal fare.

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