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Here's a Rehabbed Lincoln Square One Bedroom for Just $99K

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Even though Chicago is about to nailed by the steepest property tax increase in decades, the city is still relatively affordable and there are plenty of incredible deals to be found. Say you're tired of paying rent but not looking for a forever home. Here's a one bedroom in Lincoln Square that is under $100,000. You'd think for that price that the place would have to be either a garden unit or be a complete dump, right? Well, no actually. This condo is not a garden unit and is actually super clean. While it's no heavyweight size wise, it does have newer appliances and new floors and also has in-unit laundry. There's got to be a catch right? Assessments are really low at $135 per month, but the condo is in an older building.

·2501 West Bryn Mawr Avenue #101, Chicago, IL [D'aprile Properties]
·Under $100K Club [Curbed Chicago]