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Chicago's Changing Borders, and What Growth Looks Like

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With the controversial decisions being made by governors, including Illinois, to close their borders, it's brought up thoughts of how lines have have been drawn over the years in the city.

When Chicago came into being in 1837, it was little more than 10 square miles. But to become strong, a city needs to grow. How? Through annexation, which gobbles up land into itself. By the end of the 1800s, Chicago grew to over 185 square miles, having gained 125 square miles alone in an election in 1889. Since then, it's grown into the familiar shape, shown above, we mill through daily.

But of course, what makes a city is its people. This map shows the rough breakdown of ethnic groups in Chicago in 1950.

How has that map changed today in your neighborhood? Would you be able to break down the map by ethnic group, and are there new groups here?

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