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This $250K Two Bedroom Uptown Unit Comes With a Big Catch

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This lovely two bedroom, two bathroom unit in a historic Uptown building can be had for $250,000 — but there's a catch. It's not just a regular condo, it's a co-op, meaning that the monthly assessments are going to be very high. How high you ask? According to the listing, the monthly assessments on this unit come in at $1,750. Regardless of the various terms of a loan, the monthly co-op assessment could be twice as much as a mortgage. But of course, when you have that much money to drop every month, there's a good chance that a buyer would just pay cash for the place. The 1,600 square foot unit itself is quite clean, features a formal dining room space and also has solid views of Lake Michigan. The kitchen has been updated, but is a little on the cramped side.

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