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Crescent-Shaped Keck & Keck House on Lakefront Takes Fifth Price Chop

Photos: VHT Studios

One of the more interesting mid-century homes in the Chicago area has been on the market for over a year now, but buyers haven't shown any interest in it. Known as the Riparian Crescent Ranch, the crescent-shaped steel and glass house was designed by brothers George and William Keck and built in 1962. Beyond its modern aesthetic and unique shape, the house stands on a property that features 181 feet of lake shore frontage. While its sprawling lakefront property may seem appealing to developers, the owners of the house are seeking preservation minded buyer, according to Daily North Shore. However, 14 months and five price cuts later, the landmark house is still seeking a buyer. It's not the first time the house had an issue in landing a quick sale. When the glass house was for sale in the late '90s, buyers interested in the lakefront property wanted to have the landmark status of the house revoked so that a newer home could be built. This modern marvel hit the market in September 2014 asking $5.499 million but the price tag has dropped down to $3.775 million.

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