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Absolutely Everything is Wrong With This Logan Square Listing

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At first glance, your impression of this listing may be something like, "Holy crap! A brick two-flat in Logan Square for under $300,000?!" But wait until you get to the photos. Literally everything has gone wrong with this listing. Blurry photos, bizarre graffiti, a broker selfie, and busted up floors and walls — it's all there. Beyond the obvious aesthetic issues, there's no telling what the deal is with the plumbing, the boiler and the electrical. For all we know, this place is a disaster waiting to happen. Even if walls could speak, you wouldn't want to hear what this house has to say. This is one tortured two-flat. It's near impossible to say exactly how much it'd cost to get this place fixed up without a proper inspection, but it's certainly not going to be cheap. While it's sad to see perfectly fine greystones and brick flats gutted and renovated by cheapskate flippers, this one is a perfect candidate for an extreme makeover. One last question though: why the selfie photo? This one has just hit the market and is asking $299,900.

·2437 N Hamlin Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 [Redfin]
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