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The Loop's Aon Center Will Be Getting Its Own Observatory

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It's official: Chicago's third tallest skyscraper will be getting an observatory. According to Crain's, the Aon Center's new owners have indicated that they plan on renovating the building's 82nd and 83rd floors to develop a "multi-level entertainment center," which will likely include a full service restaurant in addition to the observatory. Crain's first hinted about the possibility of a future Aon Center observatory back in July, and the news that the tower will indeed be getting one means that Chicago will be one of the few cities with three skyscraper observatories.

The Aon Center recently participated in the Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago, allowing visitors to take in the sweeping downtown views from the tower's 71st floor and to get an impression of the views one can expect from an Aon Center observatory. While the Willis is taller than the Aon, the later does have the advantage of being well within walking distance from Millennium Park and the heart of the Loop. Some have asked if Chicago can handle three observatories, but if the city's increasing tourist numbers say anything, it'd be yes. The Willis, Hancock and Aon all hit different spots and bring their own unique flavor to the "observatory war." The plan won't be realized overnight however, as it may be another year until it's been drawn out.
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