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Swanky Kara Mann-Designed Aqua Penthouse Seeks $2.595M

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Photos: VHT Studios

A very large three bedroom, two and a half bathroom unit at the Studio Gang-designed Aqua in Lakeshore East that has been completely reworked by Kara Mann can be had for $2.595 million. The unit sports a very minimal look, with the sweeping lake views taking the center stage. While it does have a "cold" feel to it, this penthouse isn't soulless. Instead, it's almost like a contemporary mansion in the sky. The listing agent details all of the designer appliances and upgrades, indicating that "no expense was spared" on the remodeling of this penthouse. And judging by the sales records, the owners are definitely looking to get back much of their investment. The unit previously sold for $1.5 million in July of 2010 and then reentered the market in this past September asking $2.845 million.

·225 North Columbus Drive Unit 8105, Chicago, IL [Estately]
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225 North Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60601 Visit Website