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The Chicago Skyline LEGO Architect is Heading to London

The legendary LEGO architect that's built a 1:650 scale replica of the downtown Chicago skyline is now on a quest to take the creation on a worldwide tour.

Rocco Buttliere, a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology's College of Architecture, is intrigued by design and how Chicago's buildings all fit and flow together, especially in the realistic expression of an overall urban landscape. His hope is to one day form a contiguous layout of the downtown area of Chicago.

But right now, Buttliere has a more urgent wish to fulfill. He's received an invitation to display his models in London at an event known as BRICK 2015 from December 9th through 13th. And while the event committee is sponsoring his airfare and hotel, he still needs to pay for the very careful shipment of the 43 skyscraper models to the show at the tune of about $5,500.

So far, he's raised $1240, with 19 days to go. If you want to sponsor one model, then a donation of $130 or so (about 1/43 of the total cost) would do the trick. If you do, then he'll express his gratitude by listing your name as a contributor at the display table for the 50,000+ BRICK 2015 attendees to see.

Because goodness knows that it would be a shame to see his work get damaged in transit. Here is his 60,000+ piece model of the North Loop Area of Chicago, built over the course of six years.

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